Sunday, 30 June 2013

Going back in time

Life is getting fairly hectic here at the moment, what with one thing and another so sometimes it's good to look back and chill out.

Yeah right.

Been an even  busier weekend than usual  this week with two packed days out in completely different ways.

This post is about Saturday and a visit to the Ancient Technology Centre in Dorset.

This is an amazing place with reconstructions of many ancient buildings: Firstly though I'm sorry for the quality - I took the DSLR but failed to check the battery! It lasts for weeks usually, but not this time, so these were taken on the camera phone...

The  Viking long house

An iron age round house and menhir

Not sure! It's a bit of the long house and a bit of the earth covered Icelandic round house but I really don't remember what the one in the middle is and it isn't on the website so I can't cheat either. I do like the wooden bench though and if you look very closely there are actually a couple of sheep sheltering from the sun on the left.

More of the Icelandic round house.

And its interior. This has far more steps down than you'd expect but they use it as an auditorium for story telling.
 This one is Roman

Inside it is a replica of a forge - it's used to allow children to have a go at metal working. I'd love to do this myself!

The back room has been set up as a pottery. There is a kiln out doors for the firing.


I was so thrown by not having a "proper" camera that I completely failed to take pictures of the pigs. chickens and the magnificent herb garden. I guess I'll just have to go back!
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