Sunday, 7 July 2013

Hunting the Beast of Bodmin

You are charged with Beastly Behaviour,
You are Wild and Rude, Unkempt and Uncivilised,
Your Rampaging has spread Clamour and Alarm,
You have Disturbed the Peace,
And Frightened the Children.
You are a Deviation from the Acceptable
You are, Sirrah, an Affront to Decency!
How do you plead?
Your dumb insolence shouts your guilt

That's telling him then!

Fabulous day out at the  Bodmin Heritage day. I was confined to one display but my camera was sent off to play and this is what it found...

 Morris dancers outside the Shire Hall
 Iron Age life as depicted by Dumnonika

 Amazing - blue sky and the first hot day this summer ( Actually it felt like the first hot day for 3 years!)

Love the raven!

Ah the beast and his captors. I think they visited every pub in town to sample the ale!

There were re-enactors from many different periods in Bodmin's history.

Street stalls and street entertainers completed the festivities  and I think every one who attended had a great time. I know I did.

And you'll be glad to know that the beast was acquitted at his trial and is free to cause murder and mayhem until next year!
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