Sunday, 2 June 2013

White Horses and Woolly Bears - an unusual combination!

Or to be more precise Cherhill Down, between Calne and Malborough. Although on paper niot far from home this time, it is an awkward trip and reminds me of the old quip that "you wouldn't want to start from here!"

Oldbury Castle is an Iron Age hillfort. It's huge, covering about 25 acres and is remarkably well preserved.

 The banks and ditches are very well preserved and it is quite a steep climb up to the fort itself. After last week though this was a breeze!

And another shot. It's a popular place with dog walkers and families. Note the sun and lovely blue sky the weather forecasters promised us. No I can't see it either...

Perched on the top of the fort is the crumbling Lansdowne Monument. Bits are starting to fall from the sides and access to the stepped plinth is currently fenced off for safety reasons. It's on the National Trust's list to be repaired but they have no budget for it.

This Victorian monstrosity is 125ft high and was erected  in 1845 by the Third Marquis of Lansdowne to commemorate Sir William Petty ( Economist, Scientist and Philosopher just in case you don't recall him).

Now on to the horse which was carved into the side of the hillfort  in 1780 by the "mad doctor" -Dr Christopher Alsop.   
 Coming down in search of some lunch we spotted this chap making his way up the pathway. Despite our best efforts he was determined to contine his route up the trackway.

 I just hope he didn't get eaten. He was very conspicuous against the chalk

For lunch we thought we'd head back to the Barge at Honey Street. Last time we were here the white horse was all but invisible against the snow on the hills. Today though he stands out brilliantly.

Not such good news on the food front, the Barge decided it was too busy to want our custom so we decamped to the new tearoom just across the other side of the main road and had cake and sandwiches there instead. Time then to head home and tackle some Sunday afternoon gardening.
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