Sunday, 4 March 2012

Wet Wet Wet

A quick look out of the window was enough to settle the matter.  Heavy rain interspersed with sleet and a driving wind.

Walk? No thank you! Not today.

Having chickened out of the planned trip ( it will keep to next week)  it seemed a good chance to go shopping - which we did.

Driving down the Cheddar Gorge was like driving down a river. I'm glad it wasn't in my car - lots of mud and debris on the road.

Cheddar itself was looking rather bleak. The shops were just thinking about opening and a few  wet and windswept tourists hurried to the cave entrance. I was however on a mission.

I'm tired of having wet feet all the time. This is the second pair of "waterproof" boots I've had that have been anything but. There is a specialist out doors shop in Cheddar and I wanted to see what they could offer.

Well they say you get what you pay for - I  only hope it is true in this case. Of course the shop didn't have my size so I've got to go back to pick them up next week - but here's hoping. The ones that were about a half size too big were still very comfy - of course the acid test will be - are they WATERPROOF!!

We will see - at this price if they are not I will be taking them straight back.  Watch this space
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