Sunday, 11 March 2012

and that's just what they'll do.......

Wanted a fairly short walk to try out the new boots so a circumnavigation of  Cley seemed to fit the bill.

It was a glorious spring day and a chance to see Cley Hill from a different angle

This a nice shot of the barrow on the top. It was a busy day there but all the visitors were set on heading to the top. We were going around and didn't see another walker all day....

This walk took in several sunken lanes which were starting to show lots of new growth. Including lots of nettles! They were a bit small though for picking but I think net week I'll be going prepared for some nettle harvesting. Anyone for nettle soup?

Passing a superb example of a manor house.

We stopped for lunch at the Royal Oak in Corsley Heath. Don't think they really needed to have the open fire burning though.

After lunch the route took us close to the Longleat Estate.  Can you see what we saw?

No? Looking carefully you might just spot the herd of giraffe mother and babies in the trees. This is where I wished I had a decent zoom lens. Also just in sight were zebra, wallabies and rhino. Most bizarre sight in the English countryside.

Nothing could really top that and we were almost back at the car.

As for the boots - well I was glad the first outing was no longer. Just over 5 miles was enough but  I think they will be fine.
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