Sunday, 25 March 2012

In the footsteps of the builders of Stonehenge

Picture a nice sunny Saturday morning and the following conversation:

Fancy a trip away?

We both had commitments in the morning so it was mid afternoon before we left ( having taken the precaution of booking a B&B on line before we left).

Getting late when we arrived at the second B&B - so much for on line booking ( Thanks - won't bother using you again) so the first priority was something to eat.

Our hostess recommended the Tafarn Sinc just up the road in the quaintly named village  Rosebush. She said it was a hard to miss  red painted tin hut - she wasn't joking.

Inside was like stepping back in time - complete with sawdust on the floor and a Welsh male voice choir singing the old staples as back ground music. It was pretty busy there but we managed to get a table in the bar and some food.

Not sure if the hams hanging from the rafters were real of plastic...

Strangely as soon as we arrived everyone else seemed to depart!

The building apparently was a basic hotel built to support the railway line used for ferrying slate out of the local mines.

The current owner has recreated the station itself at the bottom of the garden complete with figures and a recording of steam engines...

At this point we went back to our B&B to work out a plan for the morning. The UK clocks went back as well so it meant getting up an hour "earlier". I'm still feeling the effects of that so  part 2 of this blog will have to wait until tomorrow.

Watch this space :-)
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