Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Power of Nature

We have had ample demonstrations recently of the power of nature, the tsunami in Japan and the on going earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealad are but two of them.

I have had a reminder this week that nature also shows its  strength in quieter less dramatic ways but no less awe inspiring for that.

This was taken in an area of woodland  in which were former mines in Lydney close to the Forest of Dean. In a few more years much of the workings will be completely hidden by vegetation.

An even more dramatic example here. Taken nearby in an area that was heavily quarried  this old yew tree has actually split the rock as it grows through the obstruction.

Another picture of the same tree showing the sheer size of it. The roots are out of the shot on the left on the other side of the rock pillar.

It must have been growing prior to the quarrying as all the surrounding stone has been removed but the quarry workers allowed this to remain.
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