Sunday, 12 June 2011

In search of King Arthur

Without any success I hasten to add! Geoffrey of Monmouth has a lot to answer for but I guess the local tourist industry is grateful.

Tintagel, whilst a beautiful setting, has not a shred of evidence to support its claim to the legendary king but that doesn't stop the town capitalising on the possibility of course! Another Green World which is Peter Pracownik's shop and studio is well worth a visit if you like fantasy art and the Old Post Office is quite interesting. Otherwise just head down to the coastline and castle itself.

The scenery is amazing. No photographs do justice to it. The castle itself was built on the headland and the complex spreads on to the adjacent island.

Built around 1230   but with evidence of habitation dating back to Roman times the castle is now completely ruined.

It is a steep walk down to the castle ( you can pay an additional charge and be ferried by landrover) and once you are there you are faced with  endless flights of steep steps back up but the views are worth it.

 Merlin's Cave is accessible from the beach ( more steps!) and the long climb up to the top of the island is rewarded by the remains of Edward of Cornwall's castle.

Little is still standing, some of that being rebuilt aswell but the floor plans of mainly rooms/dwelllings can still be seen
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