Sunday, 19 June 2011


Just down the road from Tintagel is Boscastle - the only thing I can find fault with here is that it isn't Welsh! We've visited now a number of times and I will always be happy to return.

The village with has a picturesque harbour and we were honoured by the company of a seal who was as interested in watching us as we were in watching him!

In 2004, the village was almost washed away by a flash flood but there is little sign of that now other than an exhibition in the village, some water height plaques and the dehumidifiers still present in the church.

Boscastle is of course famous for its Museum of Witchcraft.

Follow the link and take a virtual tour of some of the exhibits

 Leaving the village  though is a  enjoyable circular walk which takes you along the river up through the valley that was the cause of so much devastation. Much of this is ancient woodland and the "feel" is very different from mor emodern managed woodland. Very calm and peaceful. Dippers bob along the river and there are large lazt trout swimming in the deeper pools.

The circuit takes you back past the chuchyard and close to the grave of the famous Boscastle witch Joan Wytte.  She died in prison aged only 38 and there is some irony that she was actually sentanced for brawling rather than witchcraft. For many years her skeleton was on display at the Museum  until it was buried by the current owner.

A gravestone bearing the wording " Joan Wytte. Born 1775. Died 1813 in Bodmin Jail. Buried 1998. No longer abused" is placed close to her grave but the actually location of the burial is kept secret ( probably wisely). None of my pictures of the gravestone came out very well; this is the best. 
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