Monday, 2 May 2011

A Pirate Cave

A coastal walk this time - from Llantwit Major to Tresillian. Yes look at the colour of the sky - proof  it doesn't always rain in Wales!

Although a bit of a scramble in places, this is mostly limestone pavement and a rich hunting ground for fossil collectors. This time I picked up two nice ammonites within a couple of minutes of reachng Tresillian. The cliffs are dangerously unstable and it is unwise to venture too close. You also need to keep an eye on the tide as it comes right up to the cliffs themselves.

Tresillian cove itself  is domintated by a large cave and said to be haunted by the screams of Colyn Dolphyn, the Breton pirate who was reputedly executed by being buried up to his neck in sand at the mouth of the cave.  Given the stoney beach here that would take some doing unless things have changed since the 1400s.

The cave is also known for the Bow of the 5thC  Welsh Saint, Dwynwen, the Welsh patron saint of lovers.

This is a natural rock arch ( now partially collapsed) over which it is possible to throw a stone. There are a number of variations on the legend but most commonly the number of attempts needed to succeed foretold the number of years before marriage.  My family's version of the legend was much simpler. Success meant a wish granted. Despite many many attempts over many years I never did manage  to get the stone through the narrow gap!
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