Monday, 25 April 2011

Tombs with a View

Slightly further afield this week - to the Vale of Glamorgan which is just to the west of Cardiff. One of my favourite places that I don't get to visit anywhere nearly enough.

Firstly to St Lythan's  or to give it its Welsh name, Gwal-y-Filiast, a  burial site near the village of St Nicholas. Can't miss this one- Cadw have helpfully signed it from the road and as soon as you enter the field there it is!

The remains of a chambered burial site, the capstone is massive, some 14ft long and 10ft wide.

Local folklore has it  that the field is cursed and that no crops will grow.  Nice crop of grass and nettles though. The capstone is massive, some 14ft long and 10ft wide.

Couldn't leave without a visit to nearby Tinkinswood  chamber which is a couple of miles away and also in the care of Cadw. This is a fabulous setting ( despite the almost overhead power lines). So quiet and peaceful with views across the Welsh countryside.

This is another chambered long cairn. It is much bigger than the previous site and was excavated   in 1914 as a brick pillar "supporting" the roof proudly proclaims. The inside is marred by the detritus of the sort of  visitor  who thinks it appropriate to light a tea light and leave the remains behind. 

The remains of some 50 burials were found and removed from here. 
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