Sunday, 8 May 2011

A Perfect Circle or two

After Skara Brae the next must see was of course the stone circle at Brodgar.

 I admit that despite being no stranger to stone circles I was unprepared for the sheer beauty and magic of this one.

The setting is magnificent, set on moorland between two lochs.  We were so lucky  that so early in the season other visitors were few and far between and we had the circle to ourselves for a few precious moments.

One visit was not enough and we came back at sunset.

 It was perhaps too much to hope that we were the only ones to have this idea and there were a couple of other visitors also taking pictures. Plenty of room for all though .

A few more shots. Two visits were not enough and we actually returned for a third visit before finally saying a sad goodbye to a magnificent place.

However one circle is never enough, incredibly a mile or so down the road is a second circle; that of Stenness. This is a much smaller circle  but the stones are still of imposing size.

Just to give you the scale, the chap in the picture is 6"tall
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