Sunday, 3 April 2011

If April showers...

... bring forth May flowers what do April hailstorms encourage?

Gorgeous sunny start to the day so off we go with water/wind proof jackets. Really didn't seem worth taking the waterproof trousers - yes I know!

It is Mothering Sunday here in the UK so daughter invites herself for tea. This means another fairly local walk and avoidance of all pubs which will be packed. It's been years since we visited Stoney Littleton and that was a brief run up and back so time to do a proper walk.

The spring flowers are fully out now - lots of celandines, wood anemones, primroses and violets to name but a few. Lots of ramsons too so picked a bag for supper.We even saw the first English bluebells coming out . The proper English ones too. No sign of the Spanish invader. Although  we kept a good look out for hares, we were unlucky. The sighting of a stoat though more than made up for the lack of them.

Some 6 miles later and a rainstorm or two (!)  the Barrow comes into view. This is an English Heritage site but they do seem to leave it alone other than fencing it off. Access is via a style.

According to the badly defaced information board the site is believed to be built 3500BCE and either a tomb or a shrine or maybe both.

If you visit take a torch - you need it.

The entrance leads into a corridor with burial/side rooms off. The main problem with the site is that the tunnel is only about 4ft high. I'm 5'10 and I find the access incredibly awkward. At no point can I stand upright and you block the light from the entrance as you enter - hence that torch!

This is one of the side chambers. I don't have many interior shots, one reason being taking photos when bent almost double isn't that easy!

Right by the entrance is this Ammonite and there are other sea life fossils in the stones.

More information on the site is here

The weather was now looking distinctly ominious and on the dash back to the car  2 miles away the clouds burst and the hail descended.....
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