Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Marvels of Mandrakes

Is this the smallest mandrake ever? Before you say this is only a seedling the plant is actually over a year old!

There were originally 5 seedlings and I was feeling very pleased that I'd managed to germinate all but one of the seeds I'd planted. Unfortunately I was away for a few days during a viscious cold snap last January and when I got back the seedlings were dying off.

Mandrakes have a reputation for going dormant for months on end and then starting to regrow but these seedlings were only a few weeks old and I wasn't expecting them to have the reserves to do that. However I left the pot untouched more in hope than expectation.

Well as you can see I was wrong! One popped up again just after Christmas and is just starting to grow a second leaf. This year's batch of seedlings dwarf it already.
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