Friday, 28 January 2011

The Grey Mare & her Colts

The Grey Mare is the remains of a neolithic long barrow near Abbotsbury in Dorset. Now a rather disordered heap of stones it dates from around 3000BCE.

The capstone has slipped but it is still an impressive monument even if it is close to a field gate. At least there were no cows although they had left plenty of evidence of their presence!

This was a pleasant stroll from the Kingston  Russell Stone circle although it was further than we expected and a lot of peering through bushes occured in case we were walking past it on the wrong side of the hedge!. Once we were close enough though it was hard to miss.

The Kingston Russell circle itself was very hard to photograph and surrounded by a standing crop. There are certainly better pictures than mine available but for what it is worth - here is a bit of it

This is an English Heritage site and they had a helpful sign pointing in the right direction as the circle itself was almost completely obscured by the barley crop.
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