Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Ancient cookery

There is a fairly important archeological dig going on a few miles from where we live and every so often they have an open day to allow people to look around and see what is going on. Sometimes there are some special events and I go occasionally.

Last time there was a demonstration of ancient cookery. The picture isn't great, it was hot and smoky and raining to boot and I didn't get as close as I should have.

The cooking was done in a fire pit on hot stones. There was a basic bread made from spelt grain and roasted hazelnuts which tasted a lot better than you would think.

Coming home I decided to experiment myself with spelt as a bread grain. Spelt flour is reasonably easy to obtain and there are plenty of recipes on the internet.

I've used This one several times now with great success. I've made both loaves and rolls. The main downside is that it goes stale fairly quickly but that isn't generally a problem around here!
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