Sunday, 24 March 2013

Somerset in the Snow

I have a bit of a dilemma today - no trip out. Well not exactly true but the outlet centre in Swindon isn't really that photogenic even if the shopping trip was long overdue.

So today's pictures are in honour of the current bitingly cold weather - I don't think it has risen above freezing today and I really felt sorry for the stallholders at the farmers' market. It was far too cold to linger around their wares and they didn't seem to be selling much sadly.

These were taken earlier this year around my home village.

The view from the sitting room window and the sad remains of the apple tree. No apples at all last year. I wonder if we will be luckier this year? No sign of blossom on it yet.

The view across the valley  - still plenty of snow waiting to fall.

A teasel head from last year's growth

Getting arty now! Later in the year this pond will be alive with croaking frogs. Here it is still and quiet.

Some very overexcited geese!

The farmer had just appeared with a bucket of something interesting and they couldn't get there fast enough despite slipping all over the place in their haste.

The sheep though seemed much less keen to move from their bed of hay!
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