Sunday, 3 March 2013

Hobnobbing with the Goblins

Having visited the Waterstone a few weeks ago we resolved to go back and wander down the evocatively named Goblin Combe valley. This is a popular nature reserve but it was bitterly cold and not many had ventured out.

Despite the name I have been unable to find much about it other than the following folk tale...

“There was a parcel of children and they was a-picking primroses, see, and one poor little dear her wandered away on her lone self right down into Goblin Combe. She were only a little trot, see, and didn't know no better. Well, when she do find she's a lost she cries, and the tears do run down her dear little face, and dap on her pinafore like summer rain, and she do throw her self against a rock. Then the rock opens and there's the fairies all come to comfort her tears. They do give her a gold ball and they lead the dear little soul safe home – on account she was carrying primroses, see. Well, twas the wonder of the village and the conjuror he gets the notion he'd aget his fists on more than one gold ball when next the fairies opened the hill. So he do pick a bunch of primroses and he go on up Goblin Combe, and he was glad enough to get in to the rock after all he see and hear on the way up. Well, twasn't the right day, nor the right number of primroses, and he wasn't no dear little soul – so they took him!“

Goblin Valley  is the home of Cleve Toot, and Iron Age hill fort

It's overgrown and hard to make out but the information board says this is it so who am I to argue?

The hill fort is overshadowed by a rocky out crop - there must be a way up?

Ah this looks promising!

Yes indeed. This was a mighty scramble up. There may have been some nice steps at the bottom but the path quickly became steep and slippery and a bit of rock climbing was called for.
Still the view was spectacular and well worth the effort. Great spot for plane spotters as well with Bristol Airport very close by.

Coming down was far worse than climbing up.

As this is a "family friendly" walk there are plenty of information boards. This one was beautifully carved with some of the local inhabitants.

As for goblins - did we see any? Sadly not . Well apart from this one that is.

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