Sunday, 13 January 2013


No not the bookshop!

After the adventure of finding the Wimblestone last week it seemed a good idea to go in search of the Waterstone as  the Wimblestone is said to visit the Waterstone for a drink. As the Wimblestone itself  is close to a water course itself it does seem an awful long way to go for a drink so I guess we could conclude that it makes the journey for social purposes!

Anyway this is an ancient burial chamber right by Bristol airport and not given to wandering about so it should be easy to find.

The Waterstone is on the edge of Goblin Combe which is nicely sign posted from the A38. So far so good. The road though is in pretty poor condition and I winced more than once as we hit the car's undercarriage.

We were supposed to park here.

Yes I didn't think it a very good idea either. After some careful testing of the water depth we elected to go on and ended up parking right up by the end of the airport fence along with all the plane spotters.

 Still it made a reasonable walk out of what would have been only half a mile or so.

Walking back was all downhill and we spotted this magnificent stag in the tree.

After last week's fun and games, this stone was refreshingly easy to find ( apart from the odd barbed wire fence in the way). I guess the proxmity of the airport may have been part of the reason for the subatantial barrier. However where there's a will there's a way and a convenient track took us to the right field.

And here it is - the remains of a Portal Dolman. The mound is almost completely gone and the stones have moved.

Folklore has it that offerings of primroses were made here - too early in the year unfortunately for us to continue the tradition.

This is the capstone with the hollow for the water. It is said never to dry up. With all the rain though we've had recently it was inevitably full.

 A close up of the hollow.  The water may look  a little strange - that is due to the layer of ice over the top  Although too low for the snow last night it was bitingly gold.
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