Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow Day

We have snow - we have enough snow to make working from home a requirement. My car is incredibly unsuited to snow and ice even in limited amounts so I'm going nowhere for a day or two.

Despite it being a working day it did seem a shame not to slip out for half an hour after lunch just to take advantage of the opportunity to play in the snow. It's been grey all day - it's still snowing but in a very desultory manner so I don't know if we will get any more accumulation on top of the 5-6" we currently have.

Of course I took the camera with me -

The road isn't usually quite as quiet as this!

Looking so pretty. 

In the summer this pond is full of very vocal frogs but today silence reigns.

No car noise, no passing aircraft, just the occasional barking of overexcited dogs being walked in the snow.

The local flock of exotic sheep with dreadlocks didn't look too impressed with the snow but at least they had some hay to sit on.

The geese seemed happy though - just out of shot is the farmer with a bucket of feed for them.

And finally a reminder that although it's cold and snowy that Spring is just around the corner.
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