Sunday, 6 May 2012

Just a substitute for ...

.... the intended post. If you are reading this then I haven't been able to find an internet connection and I hate posting from the BlackBerry!

As to where I am - well all will be revealed on  my return to  broadband land.

In the meantime some pictures from Mitchell Fold in Shropshire. These were taken a good few years ago  so apologies for the picture quality. They were taken on an old camera phone I think and my photography has improved considerably in the meantime ( I hope!).

This wasn't a planned trip. We were going to stay with some friends at a guest house just over the Welsh border and had made better time than we expected.

As we were early we were in no particular hurry and a sign for a stone circle caught my eye. Well why not? So we followed it. It is a very rough track and I was worried my MX-5 would ground but despite a few hairy moments we made it to the car park.

The top of the hill is open moorland with super 360 degree views. I remember it as being bitingly cold and we weren't disposed to linger.

Looks cold doesn't it! We were the only visitors at the time but someone had left recent offerings of fresh flowers on some of the stones.

There are about 15 stones left but it was too big a circle to photograph in its entirety.

Mitchells Fold is associated with the famous legend of a fairy cow that would give an unlimited amount of milk which was a valuable source of food for the poor. One night however an evil witch milked her into a sieve. The cow promptly disappeared never to be seen again. This was a huge loss to the local population who turned the witch into a pillar of stone  with the other stones set to keep her imprisoned.

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