Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Images of Shetland

Plenty more to come from Shetland over the next few weeks but here are a small selection of pictures just to set the scene.

One very camera shy foal! Shetlands foal in May so most of the mares are yet to give birth.

This particular foal was determined to hide behind mum but I did  finally manage to capture some of him.

Still waiting here! These were taken in Unst, the most northerly of the inhabited islands.

Conditions here are harsh with the winds straight down from the arctic.

Sadly we saw some lambs that had succumbed to the weather.

 The Croft museum with the traditional roof held down by ropes and heavy rocks. This one was the only one we saw that still had this type of roof.

Most of the old crofts are now derelict shells and those that are still inhabited have modern stone/tile or even metal roofs.

 Inside  - a traditional peat fire and cooking utensils.

A traditional box bed.  Keeps out the drafts and provided some small degree of privacy; important where whole families would have lived in one or two small rooms. The top of the bed also gave additional storage space.

The other side of the room with the storage kist and a cradle
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