Sunday, 11 December 2011

Some Cheesy Pictures

Dreadful title and dreadful pun I'm afraid.

Today was a quick dash out for some exercise and fresh air so didn't venture too far. On the itinerary this time was Draycott Sleights, a site of special scientific interest for its flora and fauna and where some scenes for Robin of Sherwood were filmed.

Parking the car in a sea of mud we waded up onto the hill through even more mud. At times the path was almost impassable and we finally gave up and headed straight up on to the grassland which was still very squelchy but not quite as bad as the trackway. Off road vehicles and horse riders make a horrible mess of paths for walkers.

Probably the wrong time of year to visit this area as there are of course few flowers out in December, may return in the summer to see the rare orchids that bloom here.

The views however were magnificent even on a dark gloomy day with rain in the air. The bump on the horizon is Glastonbury Tor.


This is Brent Knoll looming over the levels. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see it ( and Glastonbury Tor of course)  as an island rising out of the original water logged marshland that surrounded it.

Now of course the levels are  criss crossed by rhynes to provide drainage. Nice example here in the picture.

We were above the town of Cheddar ( now the title might make sense!). The reservoir is clear as is the sea in the far distance.  There were some hardy souls sailing - rather them than me today.

 One final picture - looked exactly like half a cherry tomato!  Now just got to try and identify it  - any advance on Scarlet Waxcap?
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