Thursday, 1 September 2011

Nuisance Neighbours are not a modern thing....

Still in South Wales, this was the intended subject  until the barrow and cave intruded so an extra one this week.

Near Cowbridge is the old Elizabethan manor house rather confusingly known as  Old Beaupre Castle. The house was originally built around 1300CE and extended  before final completion in the late 16C.

The Bassets who lived there were apparently on very bad terms with most of the neighbours and built a large sturdy gatehouse to protect themselves.

This is very imposing building indeed, even if the current inhabitants are the local sheep.

 Eventually and I guess much to the relief of the neighbours, the Bassets over extended themselves financially and were ruined.

Just down the road is what remains of St Quentin's Castle. Just a gate house really left and some traces of a wall or two. This date from mid 14CE and was possibly not even ever fully completed.

Not a lot left now but still a lovely setting and very sheltered from the usual howling gales.
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