Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A very English affair

Over the bug now but travels were curtailed this weekend. However I did spend a pleasant Friday in a field near Dunster at the Agricultural show.

Dunster Castle in the background provides a spectacular setting for the show- and unusually for these affairs the sun even made an appearance. Shame I was working and not able to make the most of it!

This year's show was the 165th to be held so it has quite a history.

I don't think Alpacas are terribly traditional but they are very appealing.

More traditional animals also abound. Lots of  showing classes for sheep.....

......and cattle

and displays of horsemanship


Anonymous said...

Enjoy seeing the English countryside through your posts. I have ancestoral letters from Shipton, England. England is a country I've always wanted to visit - seeing the countryside moreso than the cities such as London. Appreciate your efforts in taking pictures and posting them. Abbie-Iowa, USA

Wandering Pagan said...

Thank you Abbie - you are my very first commenter!! Glad you are enjoying my "ramblings" :-)

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