Friday, 5 August 2011

Apple Carving

It's looking like a very good year for apples. My poor Bramley has partially collapsed under the weight of the crop.

We've lost at least a third of the tree and I think it is now on its last few seasons given the spectacular bracket fungus growths that it also produces each autumn. I shall be very sorry to see it go, it is very old and a superb cropper ( ironic!)

The broken branches are loaded with very underripe apples which are not really cookable. An experiment with stewing them took a very long time and an awful lot of sugar...

 Most will be composted but I saved a couple to try some apple carving as suggested by some friends on a cross stitch board.

So this is it after the carving. It's been soaked in acidulated water ( water and white vinegar) to stop it going brown and now just needs to dry out in a warm place.

Anyone have any ideas on what else I can do with them?

That is the Four Thieves vinegar in the background. Still looks horrible and I haven't dared open it to see if it still smalls bad. Another 2/3 weeks before that is ready for bottling.
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