Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Glastonbury Tor

I've a couple of days off so I thought a mid week walk was warranted. It's been years since I climbed the Torso I thought I'd take the opportunity before the holiday season started for a trip up again.

I'd forgotton what a steep climb it is up from the town. There is no parking near the Tor and it is a  good mile from the town centre.  As you can see a very grey day!

Well if I was expecting a quiet site I was to be disappointed. It was really busy up there but the views were well worth it - not quite sure what's with the heart on the hill but ths is Glastonbury after all!

The remains of St Michael's Church crown the top. Dating from the 15CE there are remains of earlier buildings underneath.

The stone work is amazing  where is survives but there is little left other than the tower. 
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