Sunday, 13 October 2013

In the footsteps of Giants

Our trip to Cornwall continued  with a visit to  the Boscawen -Un stone circle.

Now this was a fascinating place and quite surreal. Much less visited than the better known and more accessible "Nine Maidens" down the road we had it to ourselves - well at least initially!

If you look hard you'll see it! It was a short walk down in waist deep bracken before the circle itself came into view.

A Bronze age circle with 19 upright stones set in an ellipse.  In 1928 the first Gorsedd  Kernow was held here as an old Welsh triad mention "Beisgawen in Dumnonia" as one of the principal gorseddau  ( gatherings of the Druids) of Britain.

Unusually the circle has a stone in the centre - this rather phallic standing ( leaning!) stone. At this point the visit became somewhat surreal.

The circle was invaded by a tour group, complete with camera man, presenter, and a modern day druid who proceeded to change into his robes and did a piece to camera on the "fertility circle". Whilst he was doing this, the rest of the group were busy dowsing the stones and in particular the one that was conspicuously different being mostly quartz.

They left almost as precipitously as they arrived! I would love to know what they were filming for - if anyone knows please tell me.

Heading back to the car we detoured slightly from the path to take a look at the Creeg Tol or the Giant's Footprints.

Various neo pagan offerings had been left in the "bowls".

A number of visitors have described this site as feeling really malevolent or spooky. I can't say that I did.

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