Sunday, 8 September 2013

Holey Stones Batman!

A grey and wet day and my camera battery died unexpectedly in Cwm Pwca this afternoon. I'm sure Puck had nothing to do with it of course.

So back to the Cornwall pictures and this is an odd one indeed.

MĂȘn-an-Tol of course. A very famous set of stones and very strange. The name simply means "the hole stone " 

It's a bit of a mystery. There is a theory that it is the remains of a stone circle, in which case the holed stone would surely have had significant ritual importance but it's unclear whether the stones are in their original position of have been moved.

The hole is big enough for an adult to crawl through and has the reputation  for being able to cure a bad back ( its alternative name is the Crick stone!). I didn't put it to the test but my companion did and swears that he has had no further trouble...

We were early enough to have the site to ourselves but the hordes arrived just as we were leaving. Including a druid and a cameraman.

As I said - a strange place.

Onward then and off to Lanyon Quoit which is another well known site. Probably because it is right by the road and needs no effort to access.

Originally this had 4 uprights and was apparently orientated to the cardinal points. A storm brought it crashing down and one of the supports was broken. It was re- erected on just 3 pillars and at right angles to its original position ( why?).

This was busy, really busy. One strange thing we did notice at most of the old sites was the lack of British visitors. The French/Dutch/Germans though all seem to be interested in our ancient heritage, far more than we seem to be and we followed the same cars to many of the same places.

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