Sunday, 4 November 2012

Rye Smiles

Pun intended by the way ( having seen an author recently mix up "wry" with "rye" I'm taking nothing for granted any more...)

Right across the other side of the country this week with some friends - to the old Sussex town of Rye on the south coast. Far too far away for a day trip, we had a nice long weekend despite the weather.

Rye itself is somewhere I have not visited for many many years. It has quaintness in spades. 

The town itself  is lovely. The Landgate dates from approx  1340CE during the reign of Edward III.  It was built of stone rubble and was a way in through the city walls. Rye was built to be defended against the risk of French attack and eventually was almost burned to the ground by the said French in 1377CE.

 Rebuilt soon afterwards it is a maze of stone cobbled streets ( hard on the soles of the feet) and quaint little cottages. Today most of the said cottages seem to be tearooms catering to the tourists. It did seem to be very popular with the French this weekend ( easy trip from Calais).

Anyway enough of the town. Friday night was stormy but Saturday seemed to be OK so we headed out to the nature reserve at Dungeness to see what we could find...

 ... and we found - a nuclear power station! It does rather dominate the landscape. The birds though in the nature reserve don't seem to mind. I did take some pictures of the avian residents but without the ability to zoom in on the PC, they are rather dot like.

On the birthday present wish list is now a telephoto lens.

It was definitely a bit brisk but the bird hides provided shelter and I was able to amuse myself by taking a number of "creative" shots. This was one of my favourites.

 Dungeness is also famous for its pebbles which are used for road building and for gravel carparks. Where you have flints you also get flints with holes in them - I managed to add another pocketful or two to my collection.

 Sunday was planned as a nice leisurely drive home. stopping off at a couple of places. However to say this morning was wet would be a bit of an understatment  so we headed straight home. I admit through I wasn't expecting to be met by snow once we got there. Snow is rare for us and even rarer to have it so early. I wonder what the winter will bring?

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