Sunday, 14 October 2012

Getting to know Maes Knoll

A break from Turkey this week and back to Somerset. Back in time also to the time of the Dobunni and the magnificent hill fort above Bristol.

This was a gentle walk with a group of friends so we weren't out to cover a long distance but as usual we seemed to come across the usual steep climb....

Parking the car in s suburban Bristol side street we were quickly out of the city and into the countryside and heading up Dundry Hill

The superb views of Bristol below were an excellent excuse to stop and draw breath. It looks a bit grey - it was a very grey day and we all kept an eye on the clouds building up.

Still if we let bad weather stop us we wouldn't get out very much in this part of the world.

The walk we had planned was overgrown in places and some of the stiles were very overgrown. This is a pretty one. Many of them were not and I for one had a close encounter with stinging nettles that left their mark for a day or two.

The hillfort is pretty hard to miss. A roughly triangular bump on the top of the hill and covers approximately 20 acres including the ditches and ramparts.

The position dominates. From the top you can see the stone circles at Stanton Drew, the city of Bath, the Cotswold Hills, the lake at Chew Valley and the Mendips. You can also see the rain storms passing.... Again we were lucky and they decided to miss us.

A view along the spine. The right hand side was out of the wind and provided us with an excellent picnic site.

Not much now remains of the ramparts and ditches other than this one.

We were now getting a bit worried that the rain was going to close in on us so it was time to retrace steps down the hill and back for a cup of some mint tea and pieces of pineapple with a friend before heading home again.

( There just might have been a stop at the pub for some emergency refreshment before the tea and pineapple but I couldn't possibly comment)
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