Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sleeping with the Devil

Old burial tombs seem to have got themselves associated with the devil all over the place - he must have been a busy lad!

Just down the road this one at Rode ( near Trowbridge in Wiltshire). So just a short afternoon stroll but a very pleasant one.

This is a lovely Neolithic chambered long barrow - well worth the effort to hunt it down

A glorious peaceful setting  - it isn't very well known and as I said takes a bit of effort to locate.

The site is much disturbed but there are the remains of maybe two or three chambers here. The site is concealed by a copse of mature horse chestnut trees and as there are a couple of copses in the immediate vicinity it takes a bit of finding.

Unsurprisingly we had the place to ourselves which was nice. I don't think it gets many visitors.

Local lore is that attempts to move the stones will be foiled by bad weather!

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