Monday, 9 April 2012

A Circuit around Castle Combe

Sneaking a small extra post in this week.

A bright and sunny day but we didn't want to go far especially after the long trip the weekend before and another planned trip to Wales next week. The local paper came to the rescue with a walk around Castle Combe which claims to be the prettiest village in England. Not sure I agree but then I don't work for the tourist board!

 Castle Combe is also famous for its motor racing circuit - mercifully they don't race on Sundays so the peace wasn't shattered by the sound of engines. We were far from the only walkers though and it was really quite busy.

This was very much a spring walk - a chance to admire the bluebells and anemones that have come out over the last week and to take a first picking of the aromatic wild garlic which was just coming into flower in sheltered spots.

 Braving the hordes we made it safely into the village for a pub lunch and a chance to take a few pictures of the village before the tourist season really hits and it becomes choked with traffic
Shame about the tarmac and the double yellow lines everywhere. Pretty as the place undoubtedly is, I'd hate to live there.
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