Sunday, 5 February 2012

Totally Random!

No trips this weekend, yesterday was too busy and today? Well today I have a cold it appears. not only do I feel rotten I think the few remaining brain cells have turned to mush.

I'm feeling very very sorry for myself and anyone with any sense is keeping well away. If anyone is bothering to read this then they may wish to keep away too. I make a horrible invalid... The other half has however just booked the flights to Shetland for later on in the year so today isn't all bad.

So no new photos this week. I've been rooting through the archives and found some pictures from a trip to Sicily a few years back. I think I'm craving warmth and sunshine at the moment.

Sicily is a treasure trove of archaeological remains, the Valley of the Temples at Agrigento is an unforgettable experience with temples dedicated to Concordia, Hera, Zeus, Castor & Pollux and Heracles amongst others. Unfortunately I did a horrible job in labelling them so I'm not sure which is which. Great excuse to go back though one day!  

This I think is Concordia. The state of repair is just amazing. 

Much less sure of this one. Hera?

This one I know is the temple of Apollo, right in the city centre of  Syracuse. Surrounded by the bustle of modern Sicilian life it is an oasis.  

 Finally I have absolutely no idea what this is - other than it is in the Sicily folder. Anyone recognise it?
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