Sunday, 20 March 2011

Noise, noise and more noise!

Feeling slighty jaded after last night's festivities so it had to be somewhere close. Somewhere we haven't been before - hmmm. Not so much choice then.

Internet to the rescue and Abbot's Pool and Leigh Wood popped up attached to a 5 mile walk starting at Ashton Court Park near Bristol.

Very very near Bristol as it happens, like 2 miles from the city centre! Ashton Court is very nice if you enjoy managed park land and dodging the mountain bikers. The constant background hum of the city never went away and I was glad to drop down to the woodland surrounding Abbot's Pool for a bit of tranquility.

Some hope! The place was packed with "screamagers". Why can young people no longer enjoy themselves without screaming? ( and I'm not as old as that makes me sound!)

 The pool itself dates from the  12 century and was created to provide fish for the abbey of St Augustine

A view across the pool - I managed to get one shot without children, dogs or fishermen! You are also spared the background noise.

I think a return visit will be required during a quieter time  - maybe at dusk. The surrunding woodland is beautiful and  the council who manage the land are obviously waging war on the rhododendron that is trying to take over.

Time for lunch and  a pub  is en route. Should be perfect.  Well no. The garden is closed "for refurbishment" so we have to sit inside on a glorious day. More noise. The interior is like a sounding box, stark with wooden floors and nothing to absorb the echoes. It is also the type of pub that wants to be a restaurant so after a glance at the menu we settle for a quick glass of cider and agree to raid the emergency rations in the backpack instead.

Leigh Wood at last; we are back to the background hum of the city and the birdsong is interrupted by the wail of emergency sirens. More mountain bikers to dodge as well. A glimpse of some muntjac deer was a compensation but again this is somewhere to visit at a quieter time.

Glad to get home to be honest for some peace and quiet!
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