Sunday, 6 February 2011

On the Level

Despite  no let up in the strong winds this weekend I thought I'd venture out anyway as it wasn't actually raining.

A necessary trip for some new walking trousers selected the direction so it was to South Somerset we headed and the village of Burrowbridge.

I've been passed Burrow Mump many times but have never before stopped and climbed it so despite the dull day  why not now?

Mump is Anglo Saxon for Hill and the remains of St Michael's Church are now an official war memorial. The overall impression is of a minature Glastonbury Tor. The Tor itself was just visible on the horizen.

Although the views from the top are spectacular  I was unable to capture the panoramas entirely to my satisfaction.

The view to the left is over towards Athelney ( of King Alfred and the burnt cakes fame)

Swing round 90 degrees though and the view is entirely different. The wetlands are spread out below you and teeming with wildlife.


The church itself is now in poor condition with hawthorn bushes growing inside. Despite the howling gale the inside of the church was very sheltered and the hawthorn was even starting to put out some new leaves.

 Although some Roman   finds have been made there, nothing ealier seems to have been found. I would be very surprised though if the site wasn't in use from a much earlier date.
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